Expansion Joints and Bellows

Expansion Joints

Our expansion joints are made entirely of non-asbestos materials. Their composite construction provides durability with increased flex fatigue life over comparable systems, and avoids insulation loss due to shake-down or compaction.

If required, our experienced site staff can supervise or install the joints for you.


Comflex® Multilayered Fabric Wraps

Whatever your industry - power, cement, petrochemical, steel or any other process involve high temperatures - can you afford the downtime caused by expansion joint failure?

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Comflex® PTFE Expansion Joints

James Walker Townson's range of products emcompasses the very latest in technological advances.

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Elastomeric Expansion Joints

These expansion joints can be used in most industries.

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GT Exhaust Expansion Joints

The James Walker Townson range of gas turbine exhaust joints and the adjacent steel parts offer unique solutions to problems such as high temperatures, large movements, pulsations, vibrations and water washing.

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GT Inlet Expansion Joints

James Walker Townson Comflex GT Inlet Joints provide you with top quality and long life plus reduced  installation time.

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HT/XA Expansion Joints

Comflex HT/XA Bellows and related products are extremely rugged and maintain good flexibility throughout their temperature range.

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