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Elastomer Technology

Elastomer technology is at the heart of James Walker's activities. It is our ability to develop materials then apply, design and manufacture components with them that gives us world-class status in the field of fluid sealing technology and the manufacture of various other items for industry.

We focus on the development and application of...

  • Elastomers
  • Elastomeric composites
  • Engineering plastics

Elastomers - Commercial

To complement our premium ranges of elastomers for high-integrity duties, we also supply the following Commercial Grades for your less critical applications.

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Elastomers - General

At James Walker we formulate and compound over 300 grades of elastomers in house. Many of these are our General Grades that, between them, prove suitable for the vast majority of standard industrial applications.

We compound these General Grades with the same no-compromise philosophy regarding quality as we apply to our High Performance Elastomers and other speciality grades.

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Elastomers - Nuclear

James Walker has developed two ranges of Shieldseal® elastomers for use with ionising radiation. They are backed with evaluation results from specialist test houses and nuclear sector customers.

Shieldseal® 600
Elastomers that resist ionising radiation. Their change in physical properties has been monitored over time with gamma radiation to prove compression-set resistance and long service life.

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Elastomers - Oil & Gas

Elastomers - Oil & GasOur high performance fluoroelastomer (FKM), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) and Aflas based (FEPM) elastomers are specified worldwide by customers who need top quality materials that are validated and proven to operate...

  • At extremes of temperature.
  • Under rapid gas decompression (RGD) conditions.
  • In chemically aggressive and abrasive environments.
  • To tight performance specifications.
  • Where failure could have significant health and safety, environmental or financial implications.

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Elastomers - Pharmaceutical

James Walker's pharmaceutical grades of ethylene-propylene-diene, fluorocarbon and silicone elastomers have been independently tested and certified to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI. In addition, we offer two DuPont Kalrez grades with USP Class VI.

This stringent biological evaluation has been designed to ensure that products manufactured from the material will be non-toxic, and suitable for use in selected medical devices or in contact with injectable drugs.

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Elastomers - Specification Grades

We process and/or supply many Specification Grades of elastomer as sheet joinings, precision cut gaskets, moulded components and extrusions. In addition to those outlined in this section, we have numerous other Specification Grades that meet specific customer and industry requirements.

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High Specification Engineering Plastics

Our Devlon® materials are amongst the toughest and hardest-wearing thermoplastics. By monomer casting and machining to exacting specifications, we produce complex components from 10mm to over 2500mm OD, and weighing up to 1000kg.

  • Resistant to impact and shock loading
  • Zero corrosion; resistant to water absorption and mould growth
  • Low friction
  • One-sixth the weight of bronze
  • Exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Extensive cost savings

Our Devlon V-API grade can now be instantly identified as authentic material through the use of James Walker Positive Material Identification Technology, protecting our customers from the risks of using lower-performance imitation materials.

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Thermoplastics - General

In addition to our range of high performance engineering plastics, we will precision manufacture components in numerous other thermoplastics to meet the needs of customers' specific applications.

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