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Expansion Joints and Bellows

Expansion Joints and BellowsMost industrial plant and machinery needs flexibility to maintain efficient and safe operation.

Flexible protectors to contain lubricants and shroud exposed mechanisms that operate in aggressive environments.

Flexible connectors to absorb thermal movement, isolate vibration and compensate for misalignment in ductwork and piping.

James Walker Townson designs and manufactures ranges of flexible bellows and expansion joints from non-asbestos materials.

These cater for industrial duties across the temperature range -60°C to +1000°C.

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Ductwork expansion joints

We provide the complete engineered solution to on-site problems associated with ductwork expansion.

This service is based on the design and manufacturing skills of James Walker Townson in expansion joints and bellows for applications covering all ductwork temperatures and pressures.

On-site surveys and full installation are vital aspects of our total service to industry

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Expansion Joints

Our expansion joints are made entirely of non-asbestos materials. Their composite construction provides durability with increased flex fatigue life over comparable systems, and avoids insulation loss due to shake-down or compaction.

If required, our experienced site staff can supervise or install the joints for you.

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Flexible Bellows

We offer ranges of standard as well as custom manufactured bellows. The selection of bellows design, open:close ratios, stroke length, convolution width, split or endless configuration, and materials will depend on your specific application.

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Installation services from James Walker Townson

 Site surveys and technical reports.
•  Inspection.
•  On site problem solving.
•  Routine maintainence.
•  Turn key installations.
•  Full and extended guarantees.

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Seals - Bulkheads and chimneys

In addition to our expansion joints and bellows, we also offer well-proven ranges of bulkhead penetration seals and chimney seals that are based on the technology we apply to our main product ranges.

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