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Vibration Attenuation Products

Vibration-Attenuation ProductsVibration attenuation products are an essential part of any dynamic system in an industrial or marine environment.

Our range includes highly developed and proven pipe supports and machinery mounting products - all of which provide safe and sure support plus isolation from shock, noise and vibration.

The range is manufactured only in the UK, at our own facility, where we have a quality controlled production process and end of line testing. This testing verifies performance against product data sheets, giving confidence of product reliability and consistency.

Products are designed to operate in harsh environments, with its closed cell structure providing resistance to absorption of oils and water. Each product maintains its original performance through a wide temperature range, beyond that of many competitive materials.

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Machinery Mounts

Tico machinery mounting products are designed to match today's fast changing industrial environment.

These products ensure that plant and machinery are mounted swiftly and safely, but can easily be relocated to provide production flexibility.

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Pipe Supports

Our top quality Tico brand pipe supports are developed to work in the most demanding environments.

They are widely used by the offshore, petrochemical and chemical industries to grip and/or isolate pipework from shock and vibration whilst allowing for thermal movement.

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Structural Bearings

Tico® structural bearings provide a maintenance-free resilient barrier for the isolation of structures from ground borne noise and vibration.

In addition, our low-friction sliding bearings are designed to accommodate large laterial movements in structures, particularly when associated with high vertical loads.

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