Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Metaflex Lolode gaskets

These are Metaflex spiral wound gaskets that are designed to give top sealing efficiency at limited bolt stress. They are of the same basic design as standard Metaflex spiral wound gasket, but use thinner stainless steel spirals with additional graphite filler.

Prime features

  • Compresses fully for maximum sealing efficiency at 25,000 lb/in².
  • Suitable for limited bolt stress duties as recommended for certain materials in ASME code.
  • Saves over-stressing bolts or distorting flanges to compress a spiral wound gasket to the thickness of its guide ring - which is the correct installation method.
  • Seals effectively at up to 20 MPa/200 bar, well above the pressure normally associated with Class 150 and Class 300 flanges.

How it is supplied
For Class 150 and Class 300 pipeline flanges.

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