Elast-O-Lion® (HNBR)

Hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR)
Elast-O-Lion® is James Walker's registered trademark for its range of high performance hydrogenated nitrile elastomers.

These materials have the excellent oil and fuel resistance of traditional nitrile (NBR) elastomers with a similar ACN content. In addition they display superior resistance to aggressive fluids such as sour (H2S) crude oil, lubricating oil additives and amine corrosion inhibitors. Fully saturated grades of HNBR have excellent resistance to ozone.

Typical operating temperatures
-40°C to +160°C continuous, or +170°C intermittent.
Grades are available for continuous operation below -40°C, usually at the expense of the upper temperature limit.

Sealing duties
Elast-O-Lion® materials have superior mechanical properties and outstanding wear resistance in dynamic sealing applications. They can often sustain higher service temperatures than traditional nitrile (NBR), such as up to +180°C in oil.

Standard range
Five ranges are available with various acrylonitrile content from low to ultra-high, and hardnesses of 50-90 IRHD.

In addition, Elast-O-Lion® 101 and 985 are highly recommended for oilfield duties where a combination of high mechanical strength, rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistance, and chemical resistance is required.

Elast-O-Lion® 101 is Norsok M-710 qualified for RGD resistance and sour gas (H2S) ageing. It achieved the highest Norsok rating of 0000 with 6.99mm section O-rings.

Stocked O-ring grades
Elast-O-Lion® 101, 180 and 985.

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