Fluoroelastomers (FKM)

Fluoroelastomers (FKM)
Well known compounds include DuPontTM Viton®, Tecnoflon® from Solvay Solexis, and DyneonTM from Dyneon, a 3M company.

Fluoroelastomers operate efficiently under severe chemical conditions and at higher temperatures where many other seal materials cannot survive. According to grade, they are well suited to arduous conditions with petroleum fuels and mineral-based hydraulic fluids, and many solvents.

Typical operating temperatures
-20°C to +200°C continuous, or +230°C intermittent.  Grades  are  available  for  temperatures  down  to  -41°C or up to +250°C.

We have developed numerous grades of fluoroelastomer, including the following.

General purpose fluoroelastomers
FR10: Dipolymer-based range with hardnesses of 50-90 IRHD. These grades are ideal for general applications and are approved to UK Ministry of Defence low compression set specifications.

FR17: Terpolymer-based range with hardnesses of 65-95 IRHD. This range has enhanced chemical resistance and better high temperature flexibility characteristics than FR10, although these properties are - to some extent - at the expense of compression set resistance.

FR44: Dipolymer-based range with hardnesses of 50-90 IRHD. This range comes in a distinctive shade of green for easy identification. These low compression set grades meet many regularly used specifications.

Special fluoroelastomer grades 
FR58/90 and 98: These terpolymer-based grades are RGD resistant for oilfield duties, and have good all round elastomeric properties. FR58/90 is qualified to the stringent Norsok M-710 standard for RGD resistance and sour gas (H2S) ageing: it achieved the highest Norsok rating of 0000 with 5.33mm section O-rings.

FR25: Tetrapolymer-based range with hardnesses of 70-90 IRHD. It offers fluid resistance approaching that of the FR10 range plus improved low temperature characteristics. FR25/90 is compounded for RGD resistance in oilfield applications. Qualified to the stringent Norsok M-710 standard for RGD resistance and sour gas (H2S) ageing, it achieved the highest Norsok rating of 0000 with 6.99mm and 5.33mm section O-rings.

FR64/70 and 80: Dipolymer-based grades that offer enhanced performance in steam, hot water and mineral acids.

LR5853: Tetrapolymer-based range with hardnesses of 80, 90 and 98 IRHD. These have enhanced fluid resistance, especially with methanol and gasoline-alcohol blends that adversely affect other fluoroelastomers. They will stiffen at below -5°C, thus LR6316 and FR25 are recommended for low temperature applications.

LR6316: Available in hardnesses of 75 and 90 IRHD, these compounds are based on a special tetrapolymer with a similar fluid resistance to LR5853, plus improved low temperature characteristics for services down to -29°C.

Stocked O-ring grades
FR10/80, FR25/60 and FR58/90.

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