O-ring cord

All our O-ring cords are manufactured to BS ISO 3302-1, with Class E2 as standard.

Standard cross sections
1.6mm (1/16 inch), 1.78mm (0.070 inch), 2.0mm, 2.4mm (3/32 inch), 2.62mm (0.103 inch), 3.0mm, 3.18mm (1/8 inch), 3.53mm (0.139 inch), 4.0mm (5/32 inch), 4.5mm, 4.76mm (3/16 inch), 5.0mm, 5.33mm (0.210 inch), 5.7mm, 6.0mm, 6.35mm (1/4 inch), 6.99mm (0.275 inch), 8.0mm (5/16 inch), 8.73mm (11/32 inch), 9.5mm (3/8 inch), 10mm, 10.32mm (13/32 inch), 11.11mm (7/16 inch), 11.91mm (15/32 inch), 12.7mm (1/2 inch).

Standard materials

  • FR10/80 fluorocarbon (80 IRHD)
  • PB70 nitrile (70 IRHD)
  • EP21/E/80 ethylene-propylene (80 IRHD)
  • GN/W/70 chloroprene/neoprene (70 IRHD)

Our cord is supplied by the metre to any length. Most of the elastomers and cord sizes quoted are available from stock or on short lead times. Other sizes and elastomers can be supplied on request.

O-rings guide

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