Silicone Grease

A translucent gel that combines the properties of silicone fluid with a degree of structure to provide a stiff consistency.

A versatile grease for lubricating 'O' rings, packings and seals prior to installation, as well as valves and taps used in potable water applications. Can also be used as an anti-seize compound, and gives a degree of protection against dust, moisture, chemicals and corrosion.


  • Material is WRAS approved for use with cold and hot potable water up to 85°C.

Prime features

  • Excellent lubricating performance across wide temperature range.
  • Very low order of toxicity.
  • Wide chemical resistance.
  • Safe to use with most rubbers and plastics.

Compatible with most engineering materials, including rubbers and plastics: but do not use on items made from silicone (VMQ) or fluorosilicone (FVMQ) compounds. Low halogen content: <20ppm chloride.

Service capabilities/properties
Maximum temperature:            +200°C.
Minimum temperature:              -50°C.
Flash point:                              >+300°C.

Supplied ex-stock: packs of 10 x 175g tubes, or 1kg tubs. Other quantities supplied on request.

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