Engineering Plastics

Food Quality Products

We manufacture numerous precision components for the food processing and beverage sectors.

Standard and custom-designed components manufactured in polyurethane and numerous thermoplastics. Many of the plastic Materials are compliant with Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and therefore suitable for use in bottling, canning and food handling equipment.

Poultry Meat Diaphragms

  • Used for stripping meat in the poultry processing industries
  • Colour coded for easy identification of different bore size
  • Available in a wide range of standard or custom sizes
  • Hardness available 60° to 95° Shore A

Shaker Balls (vibrating screen balls)

  • Food quality balls are supplied either white or translucent unless requested otherwise, any colour can be supplied to order
  • Hardness available from 60° to 95° Shore A
  • Standard sizes available 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, 42mm and 50mm, other sizes available on request
  • Food quality balls are injection moulded only

Food Trays

  • Weighted food carrier trays available ribbed or plain
  • Manufactured in polypropylene
  • Used to weigh stripped meat prior to packing


  • Fitted to bulk container liners
  • Available in PVC or Polyethylene
  • Standard sizes available 50mm and 75mm