Flange Management and Joint Integrity

Radolid® Caps

These German-manufactured caps for bolts, bolt ends, nuts and screws have been specially developed to provide almost total protection against corrosion, humidity and operational damage.

Typical applications
Used to reduce maintenance costs and downtime in many industrial sectors, particularly offshore, wind energy, processing, transport and manufacturing.

Radolid® Cap designs
We have Radolid® Caps to suit almost every bolted joint application. These are the most popular designs:

  • SW - Locking cap for hexagonal bolts and nuts. They feature a circular cross-section, a clamping edge, a sealing lip and a channel. They come in various designs and heights of sealing lip, and are suitable for practically any application.
  • TSW - Telescopic caps for large bolt lengths above the nut. These have all the benefits of SW design, plus height adjustability. Also provide protection for one or two screws, with or without plate.
  • BM - Screw caps for bolts and nuts. With this type the screw-in fit is self-cutting: its threaded sleeve works independently of the screw thread and shape of the nut. The entire screw connection is protected, from U-plate to nut to screw projection.
  • ISK - Hexagonal socket caps for Allen screws. There are two designs: one to protect the hexagonal socket of a cylinder head screw, and a second to protect both the hexagonal socket and the hole of the cylinder head screw.
  • ASW - Bayonet caps for hexagonal bolts and hexagonal nuts, that are extremely simple to fit and remove. These are ideal for screw connections that require constant monitoring. They feature an additional flexible seal that permanently protects the screw connection from corrosion.
  • B - Screw caps to protect the threaded ends of bolts. With a self-cutting threaded sleeve, they can be used for practically all bolt types - regardless of profile or pitch. The patented threaded sleeves ensure that the protective caps fit securely, and that they can be used even under extreme environmental conditions.
  • KSW - These wedge caps for wheel nuts and bolts are available in various heights. A higher design eliminates the need to use several bolt lengths on steel or alloy rims. They afford the same protection for the threaded bolt protruding from the nut on the thinner steel rims as on the thicker alloy types. Special caps for sleeve nuts are also available.
  • EB/EBM - This new cap is produced in a two-component moulding, with a smooth sealing lip made of Evoprene. The cap body is made of a harder material to give the cap a strong and safe hold. This design is ideal for offshore duties and other industrial applications where there is high humidity.

How supplied
Radolid® Caps are exclusively distributed in the UK by James Walker RotaBolt. They can also be supplied worldwide with RotaBolt® load indicating fasteners.      

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