Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Flange protectors

Our flange protectors are made from a stainless steel band with a bonded closed-cell neoprene sponge liner, and stainless grease fittings.

When tightened around a flange and packed with corrosion inhibitor grease, these bands protect the flange, gasket and studs against a build-up of pollutants from corrosive and salt-laden environments.

Why install flange protectors?
The annular gap around the OD of a flange joint is highly vulnerable to the ingress of debris and moisture that can result in the degradation of the gasket and cause corrosive damage to the flange, sealing faces and studs. Excessive corrosion in these areas is hazardous, and replacement could mean unscheduled downtime for the machining or replacement of damaged components. To combat these problems, we have developed an inexpensive and easy-to-fit range of flange protectors that provide total protection from the ingress of moisture and foreign materials. These can be installed without the need for splitting or separating the joint.

Prime features

  • Highly cost-effective.
  • Re-usable - easy to remove and re-install.
  • Reduce corrosion and associated maintenance/downtime costs.
  • Fitted in minutes without splitting the flange.
  • Suitable for duties up to 120°C in standard materials.
  • A higher temperature version is also available with operating capabilities up to 200°C.

Typical applications
Flanges on pressure vessels, pipelines, heat exchangers and other process plant, where the ingress of moisture and debris is likely to degrade the mechanical efficiency or sealing integrity of the joint.

How it is supplied
Ex stock: Full range of standard stainless steel flange protectors. We also manufacture in a wide variety of alternative materials to suit customers' specific applications.