Compression Packing

Fitting Tools and Assistance

Ensuring packings perform to their true potential.

Fitting Tools and AssistanceAs with any high quality seal it is rarely the seal or sealing material that is the cause of leakage or seal failure. In 85% of cases when failure or poor performance occurs, the fault can be traced back to incorrect fitting, damage to housings or an incorrect seal or material being selected in the first place.

To ensure that our products offer their best possible performance in application, we provide packing extraction and cutting tools to ensure that no damage is done to housings extracting old packing and that new packing can be accurately and cleanly cut to length.

In addition, we provide detailed fitting guides which include advice on the different methods required to successfully install packing in different applications so that it performs as originally designed.

Most importantly, our experts are always available for advice on fitting, performance limits and to ensure that the correct packing is selected for each customer application.

Packing Ring Cutter

Packing Ring Cutter

A robust and accurate cutting jig that simplfies the production of perfectly matching 45° scarf joints on packings. It also ensures that the resulting ring is exactly the right size for your stem, shaft or rod.

  • Removes the guesswork in cutting scarf joints for reliable sealing of valves and pumps
  • Simple to use for on-site maintenance and workshop-based refurbishment
  • Made from strong aluminium-alloy extrusions
  • Contains two precision scales: one for packing section, the other for inside diameter of ring
  • Supplied with knife to cut the toughest synthetic yarn packings. Note: please follow local safety instructions for hazard-free use; also wear cut-resistant gloves

Suitable for packing sections of 3mm to 20mm, and ring inside diameters of 10mm to 140mm. Just match the section of the packing to the ring inside diameter required, on the calibrated scales, then simply cut the exact ring length required with perfect matching scarf joints at either end.

Packing Extractors

Packing Extractors

Highly efficient and widely used extraction tool, with long flexible shank to gain access to glands in difficult positions.

The corkscrew tips are designed to embed firmly in all types of length-form packing, including badly worn and hardened products. A T-handle provides good grip for both scew action and the efficient removal of packings.

  • Size 1: 5mm and 6.5mm packings
  • Size 2: 8mm and 10mm packings
  • Size 3: 11mm, 12.5mm and 16mm packings
  • Size 4: 20mm packings and larger

Looking for something in particular...

Our compression packing product guide and quick reference chart are designed to help you find what you need. However if you are unsure which route to take then contact our experts for a recommendation.

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