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Supagraf® 100FXI CS datasheet

Class‑leading emissions packing set qualified to API 622 and 624 for high temperature applications

A superior combination packing set for valves based on two class‑leading graphite products. This datasheet provides the basic characteristics and performance parameters of Supagraf 100FXI CS.

Supagraf 100FXI CS is a new class-leading combination packing set, the first qualified to API 622, Annex C (HT), 2022. It is designed for use in valve stem duties and provides ultra-low emissions performance even at high temperatures, combined with zero corrosion and ultra-low friction.

Supagraf 100FXI CS is designed for stop and control valves performing arduous duties with media such as hydrocarbon liquid fuels and gases, where emissions performance of <100 ppm is required.

Downloading this datasheet provides the following product information:

  • Maximum and minimum temperature capabilities
  • Maximum pressure capability
  • Chemical properties
  • Prime features and typical applications
  • Industry certifications and approvals
  • How the product is supplied

For details of our full range of compression packings, download our compression packing guide.


Supagraf 100FXI CS datasheet

English pdf (250KB) Download
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