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Vermilion® Three datasheet

Vermilion Three is a next generation enhanced performance development of James Walker’s industry leading FR 25/90 material, with a sealing capability confirmed down to ‑46°C (‑51°F) in product configured testing.

A fluoroelastomer (FKM) offering excellent performance across a broad temperature range, Vermilion Three is part of James Walker’s range of next generation elastomer materials designed specifically for extreme applications in the oil and gas industry where they will be exposed to aggressive media, extreme temperatures and the threat of rapid gas decompression events. This material is also the first elastomer to gain Shell TAT approval to MESC SPE 85/301.

This product has been independently 3rd party tested and is validated by James Walker for use in hydrogen service. Contact us for further details.

Downloading this datasheet provides the following product information:

  • Maximum and minimum temperature capabilities
  • Shell TAT approval details
  • Summary of material characteristics
  • Graphical overview of material performance characteristics
  • Industry approvals
  • Results of Norsok M-710 sour and RGD testing

For details of the full Vermilion range of elastomers plus our other high performance materials for oil and gas industry applications, download our elastomers guide.


Vermilion Three datasheet

English pdf (3 MB) Download
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