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Springsele® & Teesele®

S‑Seals and T‑Seals specially developed by James Walker for effective sealing for high pressure oilfield equipment.

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Springsele & Teesele -
S-Seals & T-Seals

James Walker has developed Springsele and Teesele, special designs for S-Seals and T-Seals, to solve problems commonly experienced by the manufacturers and users of oilfield equipment. Both seal types are double acting, and will effectively seal applications that are subjected to:

  • Extremes of pressure/ temperature
  • Attack by oilfield media
  • Large extrusion clearances
  • Arduous mechanical conditions

Teesele is capable of operating in a dynamic mode, whereas Springsele is recommended for static duties. Both seals can operate at high pressures with large extrusion gaps.

Springseles have been tested by James Walker at pressures of up to 155 MPa (22500 psi). Customers have also reported that they have tested and validated Springseles in extreme pressures and temperatures in a wide range of challenging environments. Please contact us for advice on the most suitable size and material combination for your requirements.

Our specially developed S-Seals & T-Seals are available in a wide range of elastomers to suit demanding, high pressure applications. The available elastomers include:

FKMs: Vermilion One, Vermilion Two, Vermilion Three, Vermilion Four, FR25/90, and FR58/90

HNBRs: Vermilion Five, Vermilion Seven, Elast-O-Lion 985, and Elast-O-Lion 101

Other elastomers may be available. Please contact us for further advice.

These seals are used for many oil and gas duties, including:

  • Down-hole
  • Wellhead
  • Surface equipment
  • Valves, high-pressure pipelines and riser systems

Both Springsele and Teesele can be:

  • Fitted at original equipment stage
  • Retrofitted in to any existing housing designed for O-rings and back-up rings
  • Custom designed and manufactured to fit non-standard housings

Springsele is the preferred design for the majority of oil and gas applications (except where the duty is dynamic, in which case Teesele is recommended). This is due to ease of assembly of Springsele and its ability to work efficiently with large clearances. In addition, Springsele has gained acceptance as the standard for sealing casing receptacles in surface wellheads, where it is often used in conjunction with our FS seal.

*Note: The use of Springsele in applications where relative motion is experienced can result in wear or damage to metal components due to metal-to-metal contact between the spring and housing.

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