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Inspiring young people into STEM.

Inspiring young people to pursue a career in science, technology, business support or engineering is critical to the future of our business, and in many international areas we have forged strategic partnerships with educational establishments in line with our belief in developing skills in the local community.

Globally, our companies can offer a wealth of experience and technical capabilities to students, which directly complements the studies they are undertaking in school or college.

First-hand experience of the working environment, opportunities to study real life problems and find appropriate solutions and a chance to discuss opportunities with individuals who are at a variety of positions along their own career paths can provide guidance that will stay with a young person for the rest of their life. We recognise and fully embrace the criticality of establishing relationships with local education providers in order to harness the talent of future generations.

James Walker companies around the world seek to work with local educational establishments and enterprise partnerships to provide experience for local and remote students through a range of activities from site visits and tours, talks and presentations, careers fairs and mock interviews to work experience and project sponsorships.

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