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Pharmaceutical and Bioprocessing

We supply many products and services that are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing and food processing sectors.

Our development teams continue to focus on these market sectors to produce the specialised materials and products that are required. This is particularly evident in relation to the standards introduced by national and industry bodies.

Our range of Elast-O-Pure elastomeric materials is specifically designed for the biopharmaceutical industry and offers total materials traceability for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical and BioprocessingProducts and services of specific benefit include...

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Biopharma Insight

Biopharma Insight

For manufacturers using continuous processing for the mass production of vaccines, it is critical to be able to guarantee line efficiency and reliability and eliminate any risk of batch contamination, goals that can be achieved through using high-performance sealing materials with traceable, verified purity.

The seal is a small component in a large and multi-faceted process, yet the complexity of selecting a sealing material should not be underestimated. To optimise processes and remove risk of external contamination, there are a number of factors that must be looked at. Our technical team has produced a series of articles looking at the main areas for consideration when choosing a sealing solution.

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James Walker developed Elast-O-Pure® GF75 Black to meet the most stringent high-purity requirements. Rated to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and USP 28 Class VI, it provides excellent resistance to steam and strong mineral acids, and exhibits very low Total Organic Carbon levels. Elast-O-Pure® SIL70 Translucent is a high-purity elastomer, developed to meet the most stringent requirements. This platinum-cured grade of silicone is rated to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and USP 30 Class VI, and is available in a hardness grade of 70 IRHD, making it suitable for a wide variety of fluid sealing duties.

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Hygienic Clamps and GasketsHygienic Clamps and Gaskets

We have developed our Elast-O-Pure Hygienic Clamp Gaskets, based on Elast-O-Pure EP75 Black ethylene-propylene-diene elastomer, that is rated to USP 34 Class VI, to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing sectors.

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Sealing and Fluid Handling PartsSealing and Fluid Handling Products

We are authorised distributor in the UK, France and Ireland for the supply and technical support of sealing and fluid handling parts made by DuPont from its many grades of Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer (FFKM). Various Kalrez grades are suitable for high purity applications in pharmaceutical production and bioprocessing. DuPont Kalrez® 6221 and 6230 are especially suited to WFI systems, SIP cleaning and other critical systems.

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PTFE Gaskets and JointingsPTFE Gaskets and Jointings

Our range of modified PTFE includes pure, multi-directionally expanded material and also filled PTFE options.

Covering an extensive range of applications, particularly where aggressive chemicals are handled or hygiene is top priority, these materials are available in sheet form or as precision-cut gaskets to any shape, size or quantity.

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Tank Lid SealsTank Lid Seals

Our Tankatite® range of resilient packings will seal lids on static tanks, road and rail tankers, ISO containers and marine hatches.

Specific grades cater for all known bulk liquid cargoes in all IMO classes, as well as chemicals, aggressive cargoes under an inert gas blanket, heated cargoes, and higher lid pressures.

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Tension Control BoltingBolting Technology

RotaBolt® load indicating fasteners provides accuracy to ±5%. These converted bolts and studs are custom-manufactured for critical applications where the failure of a bolted joint would have serious health & safety, environmental or financial consequences. They are widely used on pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pipelines, mechanical plant and structures.

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Hydraulic Sealing ProductsHydraulic Sealing Products

Our family of hydraulic sealing products covers virtually every hydraulic application. Ranges of rod/gland seals, piston seals, wipers and bearing strips suit the most accurate instruments and control actuators up the heaviest jacks and cylinders.

All the products are designed to give optimum equipment performance with long trouble-free operating life.

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Expansion Joints and BellowsExpansion Joints and Bellows

We provide the complete engineered solution to ductwork expansion problems. The Comflex® range of expansion joints and flexible bellows that we design, manufacture and install are famed for their reliability and longevity in aggressive environments. They can operate at temperatures from -60°C to well over +500°C.

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