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Tri‑clover® gaskets & tri‑clover® seals

Tri‑clamp and tri‑clover are registered trademarks of Alfa Laval Inc. They are a range of hygienic seals and hygienic gaskets most commonly used in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Tri-clamp and tri-clover are registered trademarks of Alfa Laval Inc. They are a range of hygienic seals and hygienic gaskets most commonly used in the biopharmaceutical industry. Our range of hygienic clamp gaskets is available in two high performance materials, Elast-O-Pure EP75 EPDM elastomer and Elast-O-Pure SIL70 VMQ silicone. James Walker’s comparable hygienic seals manufactured from Elast-O-Pure is the only material specifically designed for use only in the biopharmaceutical industry. Elast-O-Pure EP75B and SIL70 hygienic clamp seals and o-rings are widely regarded as the best performing products on the market and compare extremely favourably when compared to tri-clamp and tri-clover seals and gaskets.

Here at James Walker, we formulate, mix, manufacture and cure our Elast-O-Pure material in house creating some of the highest performing hygienic clamp seals available globally for the biopharmaceutical industry.

These gaskets are specifically designed to create sanitary and aseptic connections in pipework and processing systems. They are inserted between the faces of two tri-clover ferrules, ensuring a secure and clean interface.

James Walker's hygienic gaskets are engineered to withstand a wide range of temperatures and resist various chemicals, ensuring they maintain their sealing integrity.

Given their common use in industries involving food and pharmaceuticals, these gaskets are typically compliant with FDA regulations. They are also suitable for applications requiring USP Class VI certification.

Tri-clamp gaskets are user-friendly and straightforward to install, making assembly and disassembly of equipment quick and efficient. This ease of use helps reduce downtime during maintenance or system modifications.


Elast-O-Pure EP75

Read more about Elast-O-Pure EP75, our high performance material developed specifically for biopharmaceutical environments.

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Elast-O-Pure EP75

Elast-O-Pure SIL70

Read more about Elast-O-Pure SIL70; ideal for use in clean environments and the manufacture of medical devices.

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Elast-O-Pure SIL70

Elast-O-Pure EP75, used in the production of James Walker’s hygienic seals, is developed to meet the stringent requirements of the biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing sectors. The material and corresponding hygienic seals have excellent resistance to chemicals, including acids and alkaline cleaners, are used in Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems and have outstanding retention of sealing force after 500 Steam-In-Place (SIP) thermal cycles. Elast-O-Pure EP75 Black has extremely low extractables. The Total Organic Carbon (TOC), or the amount of water extractable materials, has been found to be up to 80% lower than that of typical EPDM based materials used in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing market sectors.

Elast-O-Pure SIL70 is a translucent, pharmaceutical grade, platinum-cured silicone with an elastomer hardness of 70IRHD. The silicone does not support microbiological growth which makes Elast-O-Pure SIL70 an ideal material for the manufacture of hygienic seals for use in clean environments and the manufacture of medical devices. Compliant with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and independently tested to USP Class VI, hygienic clamp seals manufactured from Elast-O-Pure SIL70 are ADI-free (no animal derived components) and boast low levels of extractables that can leach from material to promote contamination in a pharmaceutical process.

Hygienic clamp seal gaskets are crucial components in sanitary piping systems, serving as sealing elements that ensure leak-proof and hygienic connections between various process equipment. These gaskets are an integral part of the hygienic clamp system, designed for use in industries where sanitation, precision, and product integrity are of utmost importance, such as the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries. Their hygienic design and ease of installation make them a preferred choice for creating secure and sanitary connections in piping systems and the James Walker equivalent of the branded tri-clover gaskets play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and safety of processes and products across the globe.

  • Developed specifically for biopharmaceutical environments
  • Certificated to USP Class VI
  • Ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer with extremely low extractables
  • Very low compression set for long-term sealing efficiency
  • Animal Derived Ingredient-free (ADI)
  • Excellent resistance to SIP and CIP processes
  • Biocompatibility tested via USP Class VI <87> and <88>
  • Engineered compatibility with common cleaning materials, process fluids and steam
  • Extremely low compression set (~6%) for long-term seal stress retention without retightening
  • Low intrusion provides predictable 'cleanability' throughout seal life
  • Longer service life offers extended preventative maintenance cycles
  • Platinum-cured translucent silicone (VMQ)
  • Certificated to USP Class VI
  • Animal Derived Ingredient-free (ADI) material
  • Low compression set for long-term sealing
  • High temperature resistance

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The difference between tri-clover seals and tri-clamp seals

Tri-clover seals and tri-clamp seals are simply brand names associated with hygienic clamp seals and gaskets which are components used in sanitary piping systems, and the terms are often used interchangeably which can sometimes lead to confusion. However, there are no fundamental differences between these two terms; instead, they describe the same type of seals as James Walker’s hygienic clamp seals used in such systems.

Tri-clover seals: "tri-clover" is a brand name associated with sanitary clamps, fittings, and seals. Tri-clover seals are essentially the same as tri-clamp seals, with "tri-clover" being a specific brand that manufactures these components. Therefore, when you refer to tri-clover seals, you are essentially talking about the same type of hygienic seals as those commonly known as tri-clamp seals and manufactured by us here at James Walker.

Tri-clamp seals: the term "tri-clamp" is a more generic and widely used name for the same type of sanitary seals and clamps used in hygienic piping systems. These seals are designed to create secure, leak-proof, and hygienic connections between various process equipment and piping components. Hygienic clamp seals are available in various materials, sizes, and styles, making them versatile components in industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, and beverages.

There is no substantial difference between tri-clover seals and tri-clamp seals; they describe the same type of non-branded hygienic seals manufactured by James Walker and are used for creating clean, secure, and leak-free connections in hygienic piping systems. "Tri-clover" is a brand name often associated with these components, while "tri-clamp" is a more generic term used in the industry to refer to the same type of seals and clamps. The choice of terminology often depends on specific industry practices or preferences.

Applications of James Walker's Elast-O-Pure hygienic (tri-clamp and tri-clover) seals

James Walker's Elast-O-Pure hygienic seals, known for their exceptional performance and purity, are designed for a range of specialist applications in the biopharmaceutical industry. Their versatility and reliability make them invaluable components in various critical processes where reliability and performance are the primary considerations.

Process connections: Elast-O-Pure hygienic seals are essential for maintaining the integrity of process connections in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. They ensure leak-free connections, preventing contamination and product loss.

Bioreactors: these hygienic seals play a crucial role in bioreactors, where maintaining a sterile environment is paramount. They contribute to the secure sealing of bioreactor vessels, preserving the integrity of the bioprocessing.

Chromatography columns: in chromatography applications, Elast-O-Pure hygienic seals help maintain the purity and effectiveness of the separation process by preventing leaks and contamination.

Purification skids: the hygienic seals are integral components in purification skids, where they help maintain the purity of the product being processed.

Vessels: whether in storage or transport vessels, Elast-O-Pure hygienic seals ensure airtight and sanitary seals, safeguarding the contents from contamination.

Filtration: in filtration systems, these hygienic seals contribute to the reliability and efficiency of the filtration process, ensuring that the desired particles are retained while contaminants are excluded.

Single-use systems: Elast-O-Pure hygienic seals are suitable for single-use systems, providing a reliable and hygienic solution for disposable components in biopharmaceutical processes.

Setting the benchmark: James Walker shines in hygienic clamp seal manufacturing

In the highly specialised sector of hygienic clamp seal manufacturing, James Walker stands head and shoulders above the competition, driven by a unique combination of innovation, quality, and customer-centricity.

Material tailored for the biopharmaceutical industry, James Walker's Elast-O-Pure material is a game-changer. It is the only material manufactured for exclusive use in the biopharmaceutical industry. This specialised focus enables us to develop a material that precisely meets the stringent requirements of this highly regulated sector.

End-to-end control: what truly distinguishes James Walker is our end-to-end control over the entire production process. We don't just source materials; we formulate, mix, manufacture, and cure our Elast-O-Pure material in-house. This level of precision and oversight ensures unmatched quality and consistency, providing increased traceability for customers.

James Walker's hygienic clamp seals are engineered for longevity. They excel under rigorous conditions, showcasing an incredible service life. These seals remain as effective as new even after 500 Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Steam-In-Place (SIP) cycles, making them true "fit and forget" products. This outstanding durability simplifies maintenance and minimises downtime, saving both time and resources for our customers.

James Walker's global presence extends to every corner of the globe. With a well-established international footprint, we ensure that our high-quality hygienic clamp seals are accessible to customers wherever they are needed. This global presence facilitates seamless supply chain management and consistent product availability.

In addition to our global reach, James Walker provides a crucial advantage with our local in-country sales and technical support. This localised expertise ensures that customers receive personalised assistance, quick response times, and solutions tailored to their unique needs.

James Walker's reputation for excellence is underpinned by our enviable customer list. Our products are the preferred choice of discerning industry leaders who specify James Walker's hygienic clamp seals with confidence. This trust is a testament to the consistently high quality and performance of our products.

James Walker's unwavering commitment to excellence, specialisation in the biopharmaceutical industry, in-house control over material production, remarkable product longevity, global accessibility with local support, and the trust of industry giants collectively sets us apart as the go-to source for hygienic clamp seals. James Walker's dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that we continue to lead the way in this vital sector.


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Hygienic clamp gaskets

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