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Customer SatisfactionThe 2016 James Walker Customer Satisfaction Survey involved 495 customers chosen at random from all industries and all parts of the globe.

The survey was conducted by independent research company, TLF, via telephone interviews (in six languages) - customers scored a list of 25 requirements to indicate how satisfied they are with our performance and what is important to them.

Overall, satisfaction has increased for eighteen out of 25 requirements scored. The largest improvement being seen for lead times. Customers continue to be most satisfied with Helpfulness of staff followed by Product quality and Clear points of contact, with staff related requirements (and so called ‘soft skills’) having the strongest impact on customer satisfaction: Keeping promises and commitments, responsiveness of staff, helpfulness of staff, reacting to emergency situations and understanding your business needs.

At an overall level our Customer Satisfaction Index has increased from 82.14% in 2015 to 83.24% this year.

Areas for improvement

The 2016 results tell us that the way we handle problems, and communication (keeping promises and commitments, honesty and openness, provision of information on order delivery), continue to be areas where James Walker needs to improve. Further investment and training will continue to be targeted at these four areas to ensure we are meeting (and often exceeding) our customers’ expectations consistently.

Customer Satisfaction 2016Whilst we recognise that our companies have some common priorities, each James Walker business must focus on serving its own customers and meeting local market priorities. To this end, each of our businesses will have its own specific plan for improvement based on the responses of its own customers to the annual survey and on-going satisfaction monitoring.

We welcome your comments and feedback at any time, not just during the survey. Please use the feedback form on this website or send any comments to - customersatisfaction@jameswalker.biz.

2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey Reports

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