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Static Seals

Oilfield products

These high-performance static seals form the core of our oil and gas industry product ranges for downhole, riser and wellhead applications. They are proven to work at high pressures and extremes of temperature with aggressive oil field media.


Casing & Tubing Hanger Packers

Fully developed and rigorously tested designs

  • Efficient axial sealing against tubing or casing pipe.
  • Rectangular section of elastomer, with or without anti-extrusion element.
  • Types for many applications and service conditions.
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FS Casing & Tubing Seal

For surface wellhead-to-casing systems

  • Customer validated on rough casings to API 6A, Appendix F, PR2.
  • Resists stab-in and aggressive oilfield media.
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Metal End Cap Seals

Extrusion resistant for high pressure applications

  • Hybrid metal/elastomer construction.
  • Energised by high performance elastomer.
  • Intimate metal-to-metal contact with sealing surface.
  • Metal end caps provide extrusion resistance.
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For casing and tubing heads

  • Static seal energised by injection of plastic packing.
  • Tested in accordance with API 6A specification.
  • Supplied in a range of top quality elastomers.
  • With stainless steel mesh anti-extrusion elements.

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Springsele® & Teesele®

Downhole, wellhead, valves and pipelines

  • Two double-acting seals for arduous duties.
  • Work at extreme pressures and temperatures.
  • Effectively seal large extrusion clearances.
  • Resist all aggressive oilfield media.
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Tie-down & Lock-down Screw Packings

Custom designed to meet specific requirements

  • Manufactured in a wide range of materials to suit different wellhead sealing environments.
  • For effective sealing of bolts that fasten and retain tubing and casing hangers.
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