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Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Semi-metallic gaskets

These exceptionally versatile gaskets solve many flange sealing problems for industry.

They have either a metal core with sealing materials on both flat surfaces, or a pliable core encased in a thin metallic casing.


Metal jacketed gaskets

In a wide range of materials

  • Soft pliable core with thin metal covering.
  • For gas mains, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pumps, etc.
  • Wide choice of jacket and filler materials. 
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Metex gaskets

Robust solution for large diametersFlat metal core with expanded graphite facings.Used for large diameter flanges where graphite sealing medium needs support.Also heat exchangers with limited seating space.

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Supagraf® eyeletted gaskets

Shrouded edges to prevent erosion or blowouts

  • Expanded graphite gaskets with metal eyelets shrouding the inside or outside diameters.
  • Prevents erosion of graphite at high fluid velocity when ID is shrouded
  • Blowout potential is reduced when OD is shrouded.
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Supagraf® Furnasele Gasket

Simple & robust gasket for large flanges

  • Supagraf® expanded graphite facings on a metal core.
  • Developed for large diameter flanges handling high temperature gases.
  • Suitable for uneven or warped flanges and low bolt loadings.
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