Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Machined/corrugated gaskets

We produce precision-machined solid metal gaskets to provide top performance under extreme conditions; and metallic corrugated types, often with expanded graphite on the sealing surfaces, for high temperature applications.


Corrugated metal gaskets

  • Suitable for irregular flanges thin metal gaskets with pressed corrugations.
  • Usually in brass, but custom-made in almost any metal.
  • Adapt to irregular flanges without undue compressive load.
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Corrusafe FS Gaskets

Fire-Safe certified corrugated metal gaskets.

  • Fire test certified to ANSI/API 607 and ISO 10497.
  • Zero leakage recorded throughout fire test regime.
  • For duties where flammable, corrosive or toxic media cannot be allowed to leak under emergency fire conditions. 
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Machined metal gaskets

Precision made in solid metal.

  • Solid gaskets for industrial and defence duties.
  • Complex profiles: lens, convex, wedge, double cone, etc.
  • Precision machined in standard or special alloys.
  • To industry standards or proprietary designs.
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Metagraf HX and PL gaskets

  • In corrugated metal and graphite Corrugated metal core with expanded graphite facings.
  • Metagraf HX for sealing heat exchangers.
  • Metagraf PL for standard pipeline duties.
  • Temperatures: -200°C to +400°C, or +650°C in steam.
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