Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Supagraf eyeletted gaskets

Gaskets of Supagraf Tanged Jointing T10 or Supagraf Laminated Jointings fitted with metal eyelets - usually of stainless steel - that shroud the inside and/or outside diameter make the highest-quality, durable graphite gaskets on the market.

Prime features of eyelets

  • Reinforce the gasket surfaces.
  • Erosion of expanded graphite material is prevented at high fluid velocities - which also eliminates possible graphite contamination of the fluid media - when eyelet is fitted to inside diameter.
  • Blow-out potential is greatly reduced when eyelet is fitted to outside diameter.
  • Reduced danger of overcompression at high seating stresses.
  • Graphite gaskets are easier to handle.

Physical properties and service capabilities
Generally as quoted for the grade of Supagraf jointing being used.  

How supplied
Custom made to order.

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