Expansion Joints and Bellows

Metallic expansion joints

Metallic expansion joints are installed in piping systems to absorb differential thermal expansion and vibration whilst containing the system pressure.

These are highly engineered products that must conform to one of the industry codes for calculations, such as AD Merkblatt or EJMA. Under the guidance of these codes, James Walker offers a complete range of metallic joints that include the standard Axial, Lateral and Angular range - plus the ability to design joints to suit your individual requirements.

Metallic BellowsMetallic expansion joints require special attention when considering product type, materials of construction, location in the system, anchors, guides and end loads.

James Walker has been involved with the manufacture and supply of all types of expansion joints and bellows for over 75 years. We are now working in partnership with Belman to provide our customers worldwide with quality assured and expertly engineered ranges of metallic expansion joints that are suitable for duties in virtually every industrial sector.

The standard ranges and customised joints described in this catalogue are designed and manufactured by Belman. They are supplied and, where required, on-site installed through James Walker's global support and distribution network.

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