Static Seals


Our P-Seal is a static seal comprising a profiled elastomeric sealing element that is energised by the injection of plastic packing.

In operation, the inside diameter (primary sealing face) of P-Seal acts on the outside diameter of the casing/tubing running through it. The groove/recess in the opposite face of P-Seal accommodates the injected plastic packing to energise the system and create an effective seal.  

Typical applications
Used in casing and tubing heads to seal rough casing and production tubing.


James Walker P-Seals have been tested in accordance with API 6A specification.

Primary sealing element
: either homogenous elastomer or rubberised fabric - a wide selection of top quality elastomers and fabric materials suitable for oilfield duties is available to meet customer specifications. 
Anti-extrusion elements: mesh of compressed stainless steel wire to BS EN 10088-3-1.4436 (formerly Grade 316 S33).

How supplied (P-Seal)
Available to suit standard API casing/tubing sizes.

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