Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Hygienic clamps & gaskets

We supply hygienic clamps plus the special gaskets needed by the pipe coupling systems used extensively in the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, food-processing and dairy sectors.

Materials of manufacture
The gaskets are precision moulded in a wide variety of high performance elastomer grades, including:

  • Elast-O-Pure® EP75 Black ethylene-propylene-diene to USP Class VI.
  • Elast-O-Pure® SIL70 Translucent platinum-cured silicone (VMQ) to USP Class VI.
  • Elast-O-Pure® GF75 Black fluorocarbon elastomer, based on Chemours Co. Viton® GF-600S, to USP Class VI.

All these materials are ADI-free (no Animal Derived Ingredients).

How supplied
To the following standards:

  • BS4825 Pt 3 - 1991.
  • BS4825 - Non-standard.
  • BS Schedule 5 Pipe.
  • ISO 2852.

Additional size ranges to:

  • BS Schedule 40.
  • ISO 1127.
  • ISO 2037.
  • Mini Series - Ultra Bore.