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PumpsAlthough today’s compression packing products follow a very similar form to those created by our founder in the late 1800’s, the development of new fibres and additive packages means that their performance is a world away from that of their early ‘ancestors’.

Today’s packings are capable of running at higher speeds, lubrication free, at higher temperatures and providing a better, longer lasting seal than ever before and as a result are still the preferred option for pump shaft sealing by many engineers.

With over 30 different packing types in the James Walker Lionpak range, there is a product for every application, from food and pharmaceutical safe PTFE-based dry packings to heavily lubricated graphite or aramid-fibre packings which are ideal for duties involving highly abrasive media.

In applications where predictable controlled leakage is acceptable, then modern packings provide an excellent, cost-effective sealing option that is both easy to install, maintain and replace within standard maintenance schedules. Correctly specified, installed, monitored and maintained, packing is a very reliable sealing option for pump shafts.

It all starts with getting the right packing in the first place; Size, Temperature, Application, Media, Pressure and Shaft speed - correctly identify these parameters and your packing supplier should be able to provide the ideal product for the job.

Next, examine the pump components for excessive wear, damage, being out of tolerance or having contact surfaces of the wrong hardness or surface finish for effective use with packing. Although compression packing is more tolerant of worn or out of true components than many other sealing options, it can’t work miracles. Don’t blame leakage on packing if your equipment is past its best!

By now you should be ready to install the correct packing into a pump that is in good condition. Carefully adhere to the instructions provided by both pump and packing manufacturers and you will have a reliable, cost-effective and long-term seal ready to provide trouble-free performance.

Of course, James Walker experts are available to guide you through any part of this process or will happily consult on troubleshooting sealing problems you may be experiencing.

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Our compression packing product guide and quick reference chart are designed to help you find what you need. However if you are unsure which route to take then contact our experts for a recommendation.

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