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New product offers ‘future‑ready’ valve sealing performance

Emissions regulations are guaranteed to become ever more stringent, particularly with initiatives such as the global methane emissions reduction pledge, but a new valve stem fugitive emissions product from James Walker offers ‘future‑ready’ performance for valve manufacturers, maintenance companies and end users.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Our new Supagraf 100FXI CS packing combination set has been developed specifically to exceed the requirements of all current fugitive emissions standards to provide a product that can be specified in valve designs today, safe in the knowledge that they will meet performance requirements well into the future.

Qualified to the latest API 622, 3rd edition including Annex-C (HT) 2022 through testing carried out by Yarmouth Research and Technology, USA, Supagraf 100FXI CS achieved maximum fugitive emissions levels of 10-12 ppm over 1510 cycles with no loss of torque and no adjustment required at any point in the test

The packing set is also certified Fire Safe to API 607, 8th edition with zero leakage during and after fire and has qualified to API 624, 2nd edition including Annex D (HT), API 641, 2nd edition including Annex C (HT) and ISO 15848 standard up to 400°C

Probably the biggest advantage for valve manufacturers is that James Walker technical services can be provided in combination with Supagraf 100FXI CS to support most valve types in achieving fugitive emissions performance to the latest API 624 or 641 including Annex-D or Annex-C (HT) or ISO 15848 spec. This can be achieved at the first attempt, with excellent results – a major help in delivering projects on time and avoiding costly requalification testing.

The new product is an excellent addition to our Supagraf range of fugitive emission products, which continue to define best-in-class performance for valve stem sealing and emissions reduction across oxygen, hydrogen, molten salt and hydrocarbon media.

If you have any questions relating to our new Supagraf product, please contact your local James Walker sales company or submit an enquiry form direct from the website.

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