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RotaBolt® guide

This guide provides details of our range of RotaBolt bolt tension monitoring products, which have been ensuring bolted joint integrity for our customers for more than 30 years.

This guide provides a background to the science of achieving and maintaining correct and accurate bolt tension to ensure leak-free startups and ongoing bolted joint integrity.

Bolted joint reliability is an established science but the vast majority of bolted joints are tightened in an uncontrolled manner; the bolt tension achieved at the end of the tightening cycle is unmeasured and unknown.

To guarantee that all bolts are installed to the correct design tension requires a different measuring principle - the principle at the heart of RotaBolt technology.

This guide also provides product details on the different types of RotaBolt tension monitoring devices:

  • RotaBolt RB1 Touch and RB2 Touch - simple finger and thumb check of tension accuracy
  • RotaBolt Vision - indication of correct tension visible from 20 m distance or can be checked on remote or difficult to access locations by camera drone

RotaBolt guide

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Bolting services

On‑site supervision, installation or monitoring of bolting and tension indicating fasteners.

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Bolting services

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