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RotaBolt® RB2 Touch

RotaBolt RB2 Touch features two tension settings within a single sensor for even greater control and monitoring.

  • Cranes
  • Flanges
  • Structures
  • Wind

The RotaBolt Touch range is the foundation of bolted joint tension control technology from James Walker. The original RotaBolt design has been in operation in a broad range of critical applications for over 30 years. Serving customers in industries such as offshore oil & gas, quarrying & mining and wind power, RotaBolt Touch ensures each bolt is installed to the correct tension and then continues to offer a simple tactile check that this tension is being successfully maintained.

The dual load indicator on RotaBolt RB2 Touch has an outer cap for high tension setting and an inner cap for low tension, giving the choice of an operational tension range, either for overload or maintenance control. Ideal for use in critical applications where a large amount of settlement is expected, the dual load indicator confirms the correct tension on installation, as well as ensuring the design load is maintained after the initial settlement period. The RotaBolt RB2 Touch is available as a bolt from M20 upwards and as a stud from M30 upwards.

To explore RotaBolt RB2 Touch, click on the interactive points on the image below.

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