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RotaBolt® Vision

RotaBolt Vision technology converts tension measurement into a clear, visual indication of maintenance or loss of tension across a bolted joint.

  • Cranes
  • Structures
  • Wind

Designed with critical yet hard to access applications in mind, RotaBolt Vision uses a specially developed indicator which appears as an unbroken yellow line across the head of the fastener that can be seen from a distance even in poor visibility situations such as a subsea environment.

Ideally suited for installations where access is restricted and close inspection difficult, the indicator instantly rotates by 90 degrees should tension be lost, creating a distinct right angle break in the yellow line that is easily identifiable. The RotaBolt Vision is available as a bolt from M22 upwards and as a stud from M33 upwards.

To explore RotaBolt Vision, click on the interactive points on the image below.

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