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Supagraf® Plain datasheet

This datasheet provides the basic characteristics and performance parameters of the material concerned. Test results, approval certificates and safety datasheets are available on request.

Supagraf Plain is a premium quality 98% pure exfoliated graphite foil with an oxidation inhibitor and contains no binders, fillers or elastomers.

Supagraf Plain Ultra-High Purity is a 99.8% pure exfoliated graphite foil with low sulphur, low leachable chlorides and low leachable fluorides which are beneficial features for sealing materials used in nuclear power generation plants.

Downloading this datasheet provides the following product information:

  • Application guidelines
  • Features and benefits
  • Maximum and minimum temperature capabilities
  • Maximum pressure capability
  • Typical physical properties and performance
  • Product availability
  • Industry certifications and approvals

Supagraf Plain datasheet

English pdf (306 KB) Download
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