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Customer Satisfaction

The 2020 James Walker Customer Satisfaction Survey involved 457 customers chosen at random from all industries and all parts of the globe.

The survey was conducted by independent research company, TLF Research, via telephone interviews (in seven languages) - customers scored a list of 25 requirements to indicate how satisfied they were with our performance and also stated what was important to them.

Overall, satisfaction has either stabilized or slightly lowered for all requirements scored.The highest satisfaction scores were attributed to 'Helpfulness of staff', 'Product quality' and 'Product performance' which is seen as core to our activities.

At an overall level our Customer Satisfaction Index has reached 82.9% this year, allowing James Walker to sit one small step away from the Top Quartile of the manufacturing companies*.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Areas for improvement

The 2020 results tell us that the way we handle problems, lead time and communication still represent areas where James Walker needs to improve. Further investment and training will continue to be targeted at these areas to ensure we are consistently meeting (and aiming to exceed) our customers’ expectations.

Whilst we recognise that our companies have some common priorities, each James Walker business must focus on serving its own customers and meeting local market priorities. To this end, each of our businesses will have its own specific plan for improvement based on the responses of its own customers to the annual survey and on-going satisfaction monitoring.

We welcome your comments and feedback at any time, not just during the survey. Please send any comments to david.larcher@jameswalker.biz.

* Source: TLF Research, based on 250+ surveys

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