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Chemical and Petrochemical

We have a strong reputation for high performance sealing products and problem solving in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Many of the world's major processors are our long-term customers and work closely with us.

Our intense research and development has improved fluid sealing techniques and reduced plant downtime for process operators. This has produced many technological break-throughs that have been welcomed by environmentally conscious companies worldwide.

Chemical and PetrochemicalProducts and services of specific benefit include...


Containing over 30 products, this range includes certified fugitive emission control packings, as well as grades for general use and specific applications on valves, rotary and reciprocating pumps, shaft sealing on rotary equipment and for static sealing duties such as furnace doors. Our Lionpak range complements the original James Walker range to meet more specifically the technical and commercial expectations in different industrial and geographical markets.

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Fugitive Emission Control ProductsFugitive Emission Control Products

Our Supagraf® Premier valve stem packing is a TA-Luft approved and world-beating VOC emission control product, as proved in comparative tests by Akzo Nobel for the CAPI Group. Together with Supagraf Control for trouble-free control valve operations, and DuPont Performance Elastomers' KVSP® high-integrity stem sealing system, we have products for all valves that handle hazardous media. For flange joints, our TA-Luft approved Metakamm® Kammprofile and Metaflex® spiral wound gaskets are recommended for high temperature and high pressure duties.

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Compression PackingsCompression Packings

We manufacture an extensive range of packings that caters for all known operating conditions with valves, rotary or reciprocating pumps and similar plant. Products are based on the latest man-made yarns, PTFE and high purity exfoliated graphite, as well as natural fibres and metal foils. We also supply Pump and Valve Maintenance Kits for the chemical industry.

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Gaskets and Sheet JointingsFlange Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Our ranges of sheet jointings and flat gaskets cover virtually all fluid handling requirements. Metakamm® Kammprofile and Metaflex® spiral wound gaskets are used for high temperature and high pressure pipeline/vessel duties throughout the chemical and petrochemical sectors. They handle high flow rates and vibration levels that are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials.

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Expansion Joints and BellowsExpansion Joints and Bellows

We provide the complete engineered solution to ductwork expansion problems.

The range of non-asbestos flexible bellows and expansion joints we design, manufacture and install will cater for duties from -60°C to well over +500°C, and handle many chemically aggressive media.

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Tank Lid SealsTank Lid Seals

Our Tankatite® range of length-style resilient packings is designed to seal tank lids on marine applications, static tanks, road and rail tankers, and ISO containers.

Specific grades are supplied for heated cargoes, higher lid pressures and handling aggressive cargoes under an inert gas blanket.

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Bolting TechnologyBolting Technology

The RotaBolt® range of load indicating fasteners provides accuracy to ±5%. These converted bolts and studs are custom-manufactured for critical applications where the failure of a bolted joint would have serious health and safety, environmental or financial consequences.

They are widely used on pipelines, pressure vessels and structures.

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Hydraulic Sealing ProductsHydraulic Sealing Products

Our family of hydraulic sealing products covers virtually every hydraulic application. Ranges of rod/gland seals, piston seals, wipers and bearing strips suit the most accurate instruments and control actuators up to the heaviest jacks, cylinders and presses. All these products are designed to give optimum equipment performance with long trouble-free operating life.

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Mechanical SealsMechanical Seals

We supply comprehensive ranges of mechanical seals that give reliable and low-maintenance service with the abrasive, viscous or corrosive media, as well as high purity fluids.

In addition, we refurbish mechanical seals at a fraction of the cost of a new unit, with all seals fully tested before re-installation.

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Plant Maintenance and RefurbishmentPlant Maintenance

Our on-site maintenance capabilities include the overhaul of plant such as pumps, valves, mixers, hydraulic equipment and flange joints, together with the replacement of expansion joints and bellows. All on-site work is carried out by experienced personnel holding safety passports. We refurbish any model of industrial valve, pump, hydraulic cylinder or mechanical seal at our dedicated workshops, where each item receives the expert attention of skilled craftsmen and technicians. All refurbished units are fully tested and certified before re-installation.

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