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Static Seals

Furnaces, Crucibles and Boilers

We offer product ranges that work at high temperatures for the efficient static sealing of doors or lids on annealing furnaces, kilns, crucibles and boilers, plus refractory services and similar industrial applications.


Topog-E® Series 180

Elastomeric gaskets for pressure vessels

  • Up to 12bar saturated steam pressure at 193°C.
  • Cost-effective sealing of inspection openings on many industrial pressure vessels and tanks
  • Simple to install, and to remove without chiseling or buffing.
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TorrLid 162B

Vacuum seal for aluminium crucible lids

  • Readily withstands the temperatures involved.
  • Designed to cope with high compressive loads.
  • Withstands repeated opening/closing cycles.
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TorrLid 297

Crucible lid seal for higher temperatures

  • Vacuum seal for lids of crucibles holding molten aluminium.
  • Readily withstands the temperatures and compressive loads involved.
  • Withstands repeated opening/closing cycles.
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Valcor® Hi-Temp

Static sealing at 1000°C and beyond

  • Non-hazardous heat resistant fibre construction.
  • Competitively priced alternative to normal ceramic fibre packings.
  • Good chemical compatibility.
  • Braided and woven products supplied.
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